Creative Writing - 10 ways to generate ideas for perfect fiction!

10 ways to get your creative writing groove on.

  1. Go random - If you are struggling to get so much as a starting point, then this may be a good start. In a tub, write a list of genres. Pick one out. Then write a list of places, pick one out. Then characters...and so fourth until you get something as a starting point!

  2. Watch some movies/read books/listen to the radio - Get some ideas. I don't mean plagiarise ...obvs! I mean just try and gain some ideas by just watching, reading and listening. The more you absorb, the more your imagination will start to kick in.

  3. Go people watching - Find a busy place, watch people's interactions and eavesdrop on conversations but be careful not to look like a stalker!

  4. Ask a friend for a prompt - Get a friend to give you an idea for a story. Just one line will do. Something like, the relationship myth, or the blue cardigan - There you go I just gave you two!

  5. Visit your favourite place -Visiting a place that you would like to see in your story will unfold lots of creative writing. Book some time off and go visit!

  6. Meditate - Go out for a quiet walk, relax in the bath, or find your favourite spot. Then meditate for at least 20 minutes to clear your mind. Sometimes that's all you need to trigger the imagination.

  7. Make a scrap book - Buy a scrap book and then fill it with texts from magazines. Not full articles, just key text. Every time you need a prompt in the future, you can go back to your scrap book for ideas!

  8. Go back in time - I'm not talking about summoning up a time machine, I'm talking about looking at your history. We all have a past, why not use yours for inspiration? Try digging out some old photo'

  9. Try different scents and colour in your space - Sometimes scents and colour can trigger memories, emotions, dreams and ideas. Try refreshing your work space and add in some scented candles. Yellow is great for the imagination, especially for writers, and do try citrus scents to arouse the creativity!

  10. Turn off technology and grab a dictionary - Turn off any distractions, open a dictionary and use a word as a prompt. Once your creative juices start flowing, you wont be able to stop!

What you waiting for ?

Have a great day!

About me - I'm Sarah, I am self-published author, copywriter and colour therapist. I am also in my final studies of a creative writing & philosophy BA

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