Building your characters is important. Knowing everything about them is important. But remembering specific details is crucial to your story.

Why? Because if you get something wrong, your story will start to crumble and your reader will probably lose interest. For example getting an age wrong, even by a year, could make everything fall out of place. The year someone left school or was born for example, may not add up - or make sense.

Writing character profiles are a great way to really recap on all your characters, strengthen them, and ultimately fall in love with them. A good character will always leave you with a huge emotional attachment. All you need to do is create a list of character traits and place your characters details with them.

Below are 15 key descriptions to include in your profiles. You can always add on, this list is not exhaustive. I would also recommend doing a character bio to see how their traits blend together.

Here you go:

  1. Physical description

  2. Character plotline

  3. Family/Relationships

  4. Gender

  5. Enemies

  6. Friendships

  7. Treasured memory

  8. Residence

  9. Hobbies

  10. Personality traits

  11. Past trauma

  12. Place of work/school

  13. Accent

  14. Partner

  15. Other Important Information

I have also created an exercise book that will assist you to build and organise your character profiles.

Please click below if this is of interest:


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