Vision Journals

These vision journals are based on the philosophical thought that if we want something enough and truly believe we can get it, we can. It's that simple. The key to this is an unwavering belief, followed by action followed by repetition ... but I will explain more as we go along.

One of the things I am extremely passionate about is helping people to get back on their feet when they feel as though they have lost everything - whether that is passion, material objects or people. I want to delve deep into the philosophy of ourselves to enable people to get what they want.

I have been homeless, abused, been in debt, struggled with mental health and, in the heights of anxiety and lows of depression, felt that I didn't want to carry on. 


This is not just about material things, I am not draped in gold and hanging out with A-listers, because that was never my vision. My vision was to be loved, be safe, and be successful in my own right, My vision was to find happiness within and I have achieved that using my philosophies and my belief in the power of attraction.

Once I stopped searching, I realised that everything was happening as I wanted. I was able to work and look after family members . I now work for myself and I am fortunate to have a happy family.


I struggled to get my head around money - I had a huge barrier because I couldn't build a good enough relationship with it. When I stopped hating money, I started to become free. I'm not going to lie, I still struggle with the odd anxiety moment, due to past trauma. It is important to understand that sometimes its hard to truly believe when you cannot detach from a behavioural pattern. On these occasions when you cannot detach, you have to attempt to remove the blockage, sometimes therapy helps, other times it is persistence -  but when I tell you that I feel excited and happy about my life EVERY DAY compared to a time when I was crippled with agoraphobia, you should understand this shift I have made is BIG ....MASSIVE! So, I don't mind coping with the odd twang of anxiety every now and again.

For a long time I thought it would be money, or the perfect man that made me happy. It wasn't any of that.

It was about me having faith in life. My vision was to be happy ... and I got it.

I created the 'Aline' method of attraction, using my research and what I have experienced, then I incorporated it into a journal. It is VERY, VERY simple. It starts with changing your habitual behaviour. They say it takes around 30 days to form a habit. To do this you need get your thinking right, and then you will find yourself a lot closer to being where you want to be. After the 30 days you can relax, let it happen, don't overthink, and trust in yourself and the universe. 

Because by then your habit will start to set ... then your belief will too!


Here’s what you need to be thinking about:


Attitude- Be kind and grateful

Awareness-Be aware of your consistent thought

Alignment- Raise your vibration by synchronising thoughts & action


Here is your list of things you will need to action:


Assessment: Meditate for 10/20 minutes per day

Activation: Visualise your dreams and notice the detail

Attraction: Get visual- Write or draw your vision

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