These exciting exercise books are designed to inspire any budding writer to put pen to paper and create their own masterpieces!


*Don't worry; you don't need part one to complete part two*

Part one (Write me a story: A beginners guide to storytelling) invited you to create 10 short stories using a 'prompt'. Don't worry; you don't need part one to complete the other exercise books. However, if you're looking for a story to create, maybe our introduction book would be a good start where the fundamental process is to create ideas and run with them without the worry of 'Am I doing it right?'

Liberating ideas are important because, without a liberating idea, stories would not be engaging enough. If you start writing by worrying about the rights and wrongs, you are already holding your idea hostage. Just let your words flow, then guide them in later.

Part two(Write me a story: A beginners guide to Character Building) is an exciting chance to really delve into our characters and fall in love with them. You will know when you really connect with your character because they will seem very real to you. It encourages us, as writers, to look at how we can build upon an idea for a story, or make a current one more robust, by developing the characters involved in the plot.

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