About me

When and why did I start writing?

I started writing a supernatural thriller around 5 years ago, on honeymoon (The Empress Returns). I know, my husband is a lucky man to find a wife so attentive. I had dipped in an out of writing before, but I think this was the time I really started to take it serious. There was no real euphoric moment, it sort of just hit me without any real force ... I just started writing, and haven't stopped since. I do believe that when we stop looking for them, our passions find us. Writing is now my happy addiction.

Where do I like to write?


I prefer writing at the kitchen table and I love generating ideas whilst out on the bike, walking or (my favourite) on the train. I even take writing holidays. Anywhere that inspires me. I am sorry to spoil any illusion, but coffee shops really do not do it for me. I prefer the outdoors when looking for inspiration, (unless it's through the window of train) and the kitchen table when editing and typing up. I need to spread out with all my belongings. I also have a little nook in a spare room that is decorated in a very flamboyant fashion. Sometimes, I find that just working in another room can shake off any procrastination. Particularly when draped in my favourite colours!

What is my favourite writing topics?

Well, I am studying philosophy, and what this does (and they don't tell you this when you sign up) is get you interested in absolutely anything! A crumb on the floor can cause an interesting topic of conversation in my head! In all seriousness, I do have particular interests as detailed below:

Supernatural thrillers

Romantic comedy

Attraction laws

Colour therapy

Moral and political philosophy

Plant based diets 

Animal welfare