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Hey everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me.

I'm a huge fan of stories and I truly believe that storytelling is an incredible way to connect with the world, share experiences, and let our emotions run wild.

I'm also really into anything related to humanities and the arts! I recently completed my BA in creative writing and philosophy. Before that, I earned an HND in applied Youth and Community studies and a level 3 diploma in Children's residential care. I've worked in various sectors, including Young People's services (both private and public), community development, and grant making. I've even tried my hand at self-publishing fiction and I'm the proud founder of a small independent publishing company.

I love learning from others and sharing my own knowledge. Some of my specific interests include:

  • Storytelling: I'm particularly drawn to humor, thrillers, and fables.

  • Philanthropy: I strongly believe in trust-based philanthropy and the power of giving at a grassroots level.

  • Philosophy: I find different fields of thought fascinating, especially when it comes to ethics and skepticism.

  • Alternative stuff: I'm really into color therapy, symbolism, and various forms of divination like Tarot and numerology. I love incorporating mystery and magic into my storytelling.

  • Children's Development: I'm incredibly passionate about teaching young people morals and values in society.                                 

Oh, and I can't forget to mention my love for plant-based food and animals. I have two rescue dogs and a crazy rescue cat.

To be honest, I'm interested in so many things that even a tiny crumb on the carpet can spark my curiosity!


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